AREA is a professional non-profit association designed to represent and be an advocate for the renewable energy sector of Albania.
It was launched in 6 February, 2013 in Tirana by its founding members. The founding members are members with full rights and they are: Statkraft Albania sh.p.k. , Lengarica & Energy sh.p.k. ,Mati Hydropower sh.p.k , Wonder Sh.a. , Hec-i Tervolit , Delia Energy , Henz Energy Sh.p.k, Selca Energy Sh.p.k. ,Juana Sh.p.k. & WTS Energy Sh.p.k.

The General Assembly is the highest body of AREA and consists of all members with full rights. The General Assembly has the power to realize the objectives set and approve strategic documents of AREA.

In particular, the Assembly has the following functions: Approve policy and program proposals; Approve and amend the Statutes and all sub-statutory acts; Approves work plans, annual budgets and financial reports; Determines the size of membership, appoints and dismisses the President and Vice -President. Put on the appointment of the auditor; Decides for the termination of the association.

Executive Board of the association will be responsible for directing the activities of the association and the implementation of decisions adopted by the general Assembly. The Board consists of five members elected by the general assembly.

The mandate of the Executive Board members is two years. The main activities performed by the board are: implementation of decisions taken by the assembly; coordination and facilitation of meetings of the board; representation of activity and society at national and international conferences on issues related to renewable energy, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the executive team of the association.

Executive Director of the association is responsible for the implementation of these functions: Staff association management; Management of all services provided by the association to its members; The implementation of all association programs; Preparation of reports;

Drafting the annual work plan and the annual budget for AREA ;Management of revenues and expenditure of the association in accordance with the approved budget.